We hope you’ll find that our site user-friendly, helpful and informative. There are many interesting and engaging things are happening in and around Senate District 15, so get involved. Get active. And let’s stay connected.

As Senator, Regina will remain committed to:

Communicate with her Constituents – through her straight-forward, no-nonsense e-blasts, Regina keeps you informed and engaged, so that you know exactly what’s happening at the State Senate.

Educate & Empower her Community – by hosting Town Halls and Community Forums on issues like: Public Safety, Access to Healthcare, and Domestic Violence, Regina tries to make sure that you’re always in the know, so that you can make informed decisions on critical issues that affect all of us.

Regina is fighting to strengthen our public schools, expand Medicaid and affordable health coverage, create a better business climate and improve our infrastructure. She’s standing up for our Military families and fighting for better support services, ethics and tax reform.

You deserve a strong voice at the State Senate! Join the fight! Be Engaged. Volunteer. Contribute. Vote for Regina.